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It’s a crazy time at the moment, one we didn’t see coming and one many of us weren’t prepared for it. But we can get through it. I know a lot of people are doing it tough and I can relate. I have small web design business called The Web Composer which I run from home and I’m also a single mum doing my best to home school. I’ve lost about half of my income at the moment. And sure, I’m nervous about it but I know there are others worse off than me. I also believe that I can use my web design skills to help a lot of small businesses at the moment, so I’m proposing we band together to adapt to this crisis in a mutually beneficially way.

For small business owners, having a strong and functional online presence has never been more important. It’s not just physical products we need to be selling online, but our services and our time.

At The Web Composer, I’ve introduced a number of heavily discounted small business rescue packages to help businesses adapt and respond to the new way of doing business in isolation.

We’ve got two different online store packages. The first is for those businesses with an existing WordPress website who need to quickly add an online store to sell their products or services. We’ll set up secure online payment facilities, searchable product and shop pages, plus shopping carts and customer accounts and dashboards. Your business can be selling online in days.

We’ve also got a full online store package which is for businesses who would like an overhaul of their existing website or don’t currently have an online presence. We’ve cut our rates for this package by 50% to make it feasible for businesses with reduced revenues. The idea is that we help each other stay afloat during this time, ensuring more business are able to keep their heads above water.

We’ve also set up packages that will help businesses communicate with clients online and charge for their services and times. We can integrate the online conferencing software Zoom into your existing WordPress website enabling businesses to set up Zoom meetings from the backend of their website and sell these meetings in the same way they would any other online product.

We’re using this technology to sell our time on our website. We know that some businesses won’t have the resources right now to have an online store built for them, so we’re also offering training session to teach you how to do it yourself.

The economic ramifications of social distancing and home isolation are nerve-wracking. But we have the tools available to us to meet the challenge. We’ll get through this if we band together.

Let’s Zoom through Covid-19 isolation and move more aspects of our economy online. Check out The Web Composers Online Store packages to help your business stay afloat during this time. We’re also offering Zoom training sessions to help you make the most of this software fast.

Contact us now to chat about your business or check out our Small Business Rescue Packages.

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