Value-Added Hosting Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Web Composer is proud to provide website hosting and maintenance on a month to month basis with no lock-in contracts for $34 per month, GST inclusive. Our Value-Added Hosting service is more than just the usual shared hosting service. We’ve teamed up with industry power player, SiteGround, to offer a service that includes:

  • Monthly website hosting
  • Free site transfer or set-up ($175 migration fee waivered
  • Free installation of WordPress
  • Unmetered traffic 
  • Fewer accounts on server
  • Free auto daily backups
  • SuperCacher for great speed
  • Website firewall
  • Liaison with SiteGround technical staff re any hosting issues 
  • Monthly updates of all plugins
  • Monthly updates of all themes
  • No lock in contracts Direct
Direct Debit Payments

Payments for our Value-Added Web Hosting service are made via direct debit on a monthly basis. We use EzyPay to provide you with a safe and trusted direct debit service. EzyPay will charge clients a one-off $2.20 set up fee. After that you will be charged our monthly hosting fee. The monthly direct debit will be transacted on the first day of each month.

Failed Payment Fee

Please ensure you have enough money in your account on the first of every month to pay the monthly hosting fee. In the event of a failed payment EzyPay will charge you a dishonour fee of $9.79. EzyPay will also seek to debit the amount outstanding again one week following the initial failed payment. By agreeing to our direct debit arrangement you agree to pay all bank, reference, debt collection or legal fees associated with any payment default.

What our Value-Added Web Hosting Service Doesn’t Include

This service is not a technical support service for all of your IT needs. Issues with third party platforms such as plugins and themes need to be taken up directly with the providers. If you require assistance with such issues we will happily help at a competitive hourly rate.

Plugin / Theme Errors and Bugs

By agreeing to this service you acknowledge that when website plugins are updated, occasionally the updated version of a plugin may have a bug or may clash with another plugin being used causing a website to display incorrectly. The Web Composer will not be held at fault for such bugs or software clashes. With this Hosting Service we will update your plugins monthly which is in keeping with best practice, however this service does not cover trouble shooting or work performed to rectify any errors caused by plugin and theme updates. Should you require The Web Composer to carry out this work for you, we will do so at a competitive hourly rate.

Domain Name Purchases

This service does not cover the cost of domain name purchases or renewals.


The Web Composer is not responsible for any website downtime, or related costs or damages associated with the Hosting services provided by SiteGround. In the unlikely event of downtime, The Web Composer will work closely with the client and SiteGround to help rectify any issues.

Website Traffic

Our web hosting service is suitable for small to medium businesses. We don’t meter traffic; however, we reserve the right to cancel provision of this service to larger businesses at our discretion should very high traffic levels exceed our capacity. While this is unlikely, should it be the case we maintain that the business would be better served by a customised package which we will quote on.

Review of Services

The Web Composer reserves the right to perform an annual review of services and prices. Should changes be made to either price or the service provided, The Web Composer will advise clients in writing 30 days prior to changes coming into effect.

Service Termination

As there is no fixed term contract you are entitled to transfer your website to a new provider at any time. With regard to cancelling your direct debit payments we require notice in writing and will cancel all future scheduled payments after your website has been migrated to another host. It will take 3 business days for the changes to take effect in the EzyPay system following your webiste transfer/migration. Please note that the payment for the month in which your website was transferred will not be refunded. With regard to the migration (transfer) of your website to your new host, if your new host does not handle the migration for you and you require our help with the transfer we charge a $175 migration fee, inclusive of GST.

The Web Composer reserves to right to terminate the provision of this service with 60 days written notice due to unforeseen circumstance. In the unlikely event that The Web Composer terminates this service we will provide assistance in procuring an alternate service provider and transferring your website to them.

Failure to Pay

If you fail to pay for your website hosting service for more than 60 days we reserve the right to terminate your website hosting account – this would mean that your website may no longer be accessible on the internet. In order to recover your website for the purposes of transfer you are required to pay all outstanding fees. In the event that we don’t hear from clients, files related to any abandoned website shall not be kept for longer than 6 months.