Put Your Website to Work with Strategic SEO

Just having a website isn’t enough. You need to employ solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure your website is found. Many small businesses have fallen into the trap of investing heavily in a website without allocating part of their budget to SEO. Having one without the other is a little like having a car with no fuel. You can have the nicest car in the world, but without fuel its not going to take you anywhere.

SEO is like fuel for your website. What’s more, there isn’t just one typle of fuel needed, there are many. At The Web Composer, we approach SEO from a number of different angles. First we look at your website. We make sure your website has what search engines are looking for: from image optimization to key words and meta tag generation.

Next we look at your content. Is it easy to read? Does it contain key words? Is it relevant? Is it long enough? Is it well structured? Are the headings optimized? Is it unique? Search engine algorithms are designed to test all of these factors when determining how relevant your business is to a search.

Finally we step outside of your website to the wider web. Remember, the internet is a web of interconnecting links and search engines want to know how well connected your website is. So we establish a network of relevant links known as backlinks to your website to help you gain more traction.

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  • Backend Search Engine Optimization

    When optimizing the backend of your website, we start with a website health check. This health check lets you know how well optimized your website is and what is required to get your website in tip-top SEO condition.

  • Content Editing for Optimisation

    The way your website content is written influences search engine results! In fact your content is so important it can make or break your search engine results. So we edit content with both your audience and search engines in mind.

  • Network Your Website with Backlinks

    One reason why sites like Facebook and Twitter are so successful is because they mimic the key purpose of the internet: they build networks. The message is that you need to get your website connected for it to be seen. We have a number of strategies that help build networks of backlinks to your website. Click here to check out some of our packages.

SEO Health Check

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SEO Strategy on Blackboard
Make your website work for you by enhancing your internet presence with great SEO!

Is your website search engine friendly?

Remember, we'll conduct an SEO health check on your website for only $78. You'll receive an SEO report on your website, outlining what's working and what needs to be done.

Is your web content optimized?

We can edit your online content to ensure it's readable to both your audience and search engines. Contact us now for a quote.

Did you know search engines love blogs?

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