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Invoice Number INV-0058
Invoice Date March 14, 2022
Due Date March 21, 2022
Total Due $151.25
Idalia Butler

Birrahlee Preschool

This invoice is for the work undertaken to reinstate the Birrahlee website on Friday. The work included the investigation of a critical error that was causing the website to fail. Plugins were investigated to determine if there was a bug or clash with an updated plugin and found not to be the cause. The cause was discovered to be an outdated version of PHP running on the Digital Pacific hosting server. This was updated to the latest stable version of PHP which fixed the error. Further investigation into the cause of media files not uploading was investigated and resolved.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
2 Trouble shooting a critical error on the Birrahlee website.
0.5 Resolving issues with media file uploads $55.000.00%$27.50
Sub Total $137.50
GST $13.75
Total Due $151.25

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