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Invoice Number INV-0075
Invoice Date May 3, 2023
Due Date May 10, 2023
Total Due $12,243.80

6-8 Lyon Park Road, North Ryde 2113

This invoice is for ongoing marketing and communications support on multiple projects for Memjet D+M, Memjet and IDS. It includes work undertaken from the 28th of March 2023 to the 29th of April 2023. There were a wide variety of projects worked on and delivered during this time, which are detailed in the accompanying timesheet along with hours worked. This invoice also includes bills from printing providers and voiceover providers, which have been paid for on Memjet's behalf due to the requirement for upfront payment. Original invoices with GST are attached.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
97.25 Hourly rate for project based marketing and communications work

A timesheet detailing the time periods worked is attached.

1 Voiceover artist fee from VidVoices for the DuraBolt video
1 Kwik Kopy printing fee for the DuraBolt brochure (fast print turnaround for Print China) $178.0010%$195.80
Sub Total $12,243.80
GST $17.80
Total Due $12,243.80

Payment can be made via our secure online system or alternatively you can make payment to:

Leah Clarke
BSB: 303092
ACC: 605 6349