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Invoice Number INV-0091
Invoice Date March 5, 2024
Due Date April 12, 2024
Total Due $13,068.00

6-8 Lyon Park Road, North Ryde 2113

This invoice is for ongoing marketing, website design and communications support on multiple projects for Memjet during March 2024. There was a variety of projects worked on and delivered during this time that are detailed in the accompanying timesheet along with the hours worked. The hourly rate is $120 per hour plus GST.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
99 Hourly rate for website design, marketing and communications work

A timesheet detailing the time periods worked is attached.

Sub Total $13,068.00
GST $1,188.00
Total Due $13,068.00

Payment can be made via our secure online system or alternatively you can make payment to:

Leah Clarke
BSB: 303092
ACC: 605 6349