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Invoice Number INV-0056
Invoice Date November 12, 2021
Due Date November 19, 2021
Total Due $370.85
The Phoenix Tribe

This invoice is for one day's work as discussed on setting up booking functionality and links between the public and members sites for numerous membership levels. Ten new membership levels were set up for the transformation series, plus the individual fitness courses. Each membership page provides the functionality for clients to sign up and automatically be assigned to and pay for that membership.  The existing membership rule structure was reviewed and researched for the best way for the site to function once fully automated, with a tag structure being the recommended approach. Additional work in relation to the site included Zoom meeting, tag plugin set up, Stripe and MemberPress membership set up and Loom instructional video creation.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Agreed daily rate for website development
1.5 Hourly rate for additional work detailed above. $49.000.00%$73.50
Sub Total $363.50
GST $7.35
Total Due $370.85

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