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Invoice Number INV-0050
Invoice Date March 3, 2021
Due Date March 10, 2021
Total Due $2,619.34
Perceptive Talent Solutions

26/1 Bligh St, Sydney 2000

This invoice is for the amount outstanding on the Perceptive web design project plus hours worked on additional projects. The total project cost for the website, logo, blog template and brand guidelines was $2038. It included $98 for automated LinkedIn posts which have not been completed, so the revised project total is $1940. Two previous  instalments of $509.50 have been paid so the remaining project balance is $921.

In addition to this, billable hours have been tracked for: two additional pages on the website (the project quote was for 5 pages, 7 pages were completed hours were tracked for the Services and Contracts pages; hours also tracked for: Mailchimp email communications, email signatures, Seek banner and logo resizing,  LinkedIn banner and setup for personal and company pages, Invoice and Creditnote template design and writing custom CSS code to transform the JobAdder widget display on your website. In total I’ve logged 34.66 billable hours for these tasks. A spreadsheet of hours will be provided by email. 

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Web Design Project final installment

Completion of the Perceptive website, brand guidelines, logo and blog template per the agreement.

34.66 Billable Hours

Billable hours tracked per provided spreadsheet. Projects included are: additional two pages for the Perceptive Talent website (includes copywriting and responsive design); Mailchimp campaign set up plus communications review; LinkedIn company and personal page setup including banner, images and logo; Seek banner and logo creation, Custom CSS coding for JobAdder widget display on website; several email signature designs and troubleshooting around Google limitations, template design for two invoices and a credit note.

Sub Total $2,619.34
GST $0.00
Total Due $2,619.34

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