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Did you know you can convert Facebook fans into subscribers with no need for them to visit your website? That’s right, you can embed a signup form on your Facebook page that adds subscribers to your marketing list. What’s more, it’s easy. You can start collecting subscribers direct from Facebook in less than 20 minutes, no coding needed! Check out our 2 easy steps to a Facebook sign up form like the one below

We used MailChimp to create our Facebook subscription form and we’ll show you how to do likewise. If you’ve already got Facebook and MailChimp accounts, you can have your Facebook signup form operating in little more than the time it takes to read this post. Just follow these instructions:

Step 1

The Web Composer Facebook Subscribe Tab

The Web Composer’s Subscribe Form on Facebook

The first thing you need to do is integrate your Facebook and MailChimp accounts (if you don’t use MailChimp its easy to sign up and it’s free for your first 2,000 subscribers). Log into your Mailchimp account and then choose your profile name (top right) to see the drop down menu below. Select ‘Account’.

The Web Composer Facebook Subscribe Tab

Go to your Account in Mailchimp

Once you’ve selected Account, click on ‘Integrations’. The Integrations directory will show up, giving you a number of different applications to choose from. Scroll down until you see Facebook. The caption says ‘Add a signup form to your Facebook pages’. Click the Facebook login button. Once you’ve entered your Facebook login credentials, you’ll need to grant MailChimp permission to access your account. With permissions granted, your MailChimp and Facebook accounts will be integrated.

Step 2

Now you can create your form. Once your accounts are integrated, additional options will appear on screen.These options, shown below, provide the parameters for your Facebook form.

The Web Composer Facebook Subscribe Tab

Step 2 – Your Form Selections

If you have more than one Facebook page, you will be asked to select the page you want the form to appear on. You can repeat the process for multiple pages. Next select the mailing list you wish to use. Then select ‘Yes’ for the option ‘Use signup form tab’.
After that you will be asked to select a theme. The Facebook-esque theme will display as ours did above. The alternative default theme will give you a much larger form, so preview both and see what you like best. Your final task is to name your form. This name appears as a ‘tab’ on your Facebook page (Home, Posts, Photos and Videos, for example, are all displayed as tabs). The tabs on your page form a vertical menu, so a long name will wrap over two or three lines. Therefore, we recommend keeping your ‘Tab Label’ to one word. We like Subscribe, but Signup or Join are other good options. Once you’ve chosen your parameters, hit save and, voila, you now have a form on your Facebook page!

Simple right? Why not open your Facebook page now and check out your handy work? The image below shows our form using the default MailChimp theme. You’ll see the tabs on the left hand side under our logo. Our Subscribe tab is third from the top under Home and Posts. When you check out your new form, you’ll notice your subscribe tab is last in line, right down the bottom. We think this worth changing, so we recommend taking one more small step to move it up the ranks.

The Web Composer Facebook Subscribe Tab

The Web Composer’s Subscribe Form on Facebook

Optional Extra Step

To move your subscribe tab, make sure you’re logged into Facebook as Admin or Editor. Go to the page your new form is on and select ‘Help’ in the top right corner. A drop down menu will show ‘Settings’. Click ‘Settings’ then click ‘Edit Page’. Once you’re in editing mode, simply drag and drop your tabs into the order you prefer. But please note, you can’t move the Home tab – it’s fixed in the top position. If you need a little help with this, you can go straight to the source at Facebook.

It’s worth being aware that the form you’ve just created only appears on the desktop version of Facebook not the mobile app. Beyond that if you have a mailing list with a provider other than MailChimp why not contact them directly to see if they offer similar integration with Facebook?

We love knowing that our Facebook fans can join our network without having to take the extra step of visiting our website. And we think you will too. If you found this article useful, we’ve got plenty more tips on the way. So why not subscribe to our Blog below.

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