Let's Zoom! Video Chat Direct From Your Website

Change has hit us all and it's hit us fast. But we can come out of this shining. We can change the way we work and the way we connect. Video conferencing is available to all of us. And, what's more, you can use it to sell your time. Imagine a yoga instructor selling entry to their live yoga class via video link. Or a corporate trainer selling blocks of their time via a webstore. A naturopath can maintain their appointments online and take payment before sessions to give clients access. At the Web Composer we can help you set up a Zoom virtual meetings account. We can also embed video conferencing into your website for a professional look and set up an online store where you sell access to Zoom meetings. Check out some examples in our store of how we're selling Zoom tutorials. Take part in the process and see if this technology would help you commercialise your service in this crazy time. We won't be beaten by this. We'll face it together.