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Our Website Health Check is a subscription service that keeps your website running optimally and securely. All websites need ongoing attention to ensure they continue to look and function appropriately. That’s because the technology behind a website is continually enhanced. For example, as new security threats are identified, WordPress is upgraded to reduce risks. And as WordPress is upgraded the plugins or code on your website may also need upgrades to mesh with WordPress. There’s also PHP, which is a scripting language operating behind the scenes. PHP versions change regularly and having the wrong version can cause your site to crash.

With our Website Health Check, we perform important monthly updates on your site to keep it working as smoothly as possible. This includes updating WordPress, PHP, your theme and plugins. Plugins are individual pieces of software that have been plugged into WordPress to provide functionality. They need to be updated regularly to remain compatible with WordPress. If businesses don’t update plugins and themes their websites can break. We also make a backup copy of your site in the event of data lose. 

  • Focus on your core business

    Free up your time to do what you do best. We have extensive experience managing websites behind the scenes, so we know how to manage updates and trouble shooting to keep your website running smoothly.

  • No lock-in contracts

    We base our client relationships on earned trust and performance, so we see no need for lock-in contracts. Our service goal is to provide you with a trusted and personal service that you can rely on.

  • Value added hosting

    You can also choose our Value added hosting service and save. When you host your website with The Web Composer we provide discounted Website Health Checks. Our powerful Cloud hosting service gives your website the speed and performance usually reserved for big business at an entry level price.

  • Easy monthly payments

    You can pay for your Cloud Hosting service and Website Health Check service using our secure direct debit payment platform. Click here to view our Value-Added Hosting Terms and Conditions.