Adapt fast with an online store

Leah ClarkeOnline Store, Video Conferencing, Web Design

For small business owners, having a strong and functional online presence has never been more important. It’s not just physical products we need to be selling online, but our services and our time. At The Web Composer, I’ve introduced a number of heavily discounted small business rescue packages to help businesses adapt and respond to the new way of doing business in isolation. Read more.

Integrate Zoom with your online store

Leah ClarkeVideo Conferencing, Web Design

Did you know that Zoom Video Conferencing can be integrated with your WordPress website to create bookable products selling your time? At The Web Composer, we can integrate Zoom into your website and a booking system so that Zoom meetings will be automatically set up when a customer purchases an associated online product. Read more.

Why wireframe a website

Leah ClarkeWeb Design

Do you need a website wireframe, mock-up or prototype? So you’re looking to build a new website and developers are talking about wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes. But what exactly are they and which type do you need, if any? When it comes to building a website best practice denotes that us designers should test the usability of a site before we get into the nitty gritty of coding. Marrying the backend of a website to its user interface can take time and expertise. So it makes sense to design the front end or user interface first and test to see … Read More

Build your own website or go pro?

Leah ClarkeWeb Design

DIY Neon Lights with Website Graffiti

To DIY your website or not too? That is a question to which there is no universal answer. But there is a wrong and right answer for you. DIY decisions are often made with dollar savings in mind, sometimes these decision pay off, but other times they can prove costly in the long run. Take our DIY Website Questionnaire to find out if you’re up for DIY Website challenge or if it’s time to call in the pros. Read more.