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To DIY your website or not too? That is a question to which there is no universal answer. But there is a wrong and right answer for you. DIY decisions are often made with dollar savings in mind, sometimes these decision pay off, but other times they can prove costly in the long run.

When deciding to DIY any project a common question is will I save money? Perhaps. But another important question is at what price? The obvious price is your time. If you’re better compensated using your time elsewhere, the answer is simple: don’t DIY. Of course it’s not always that clear cut. So other factors you need to consider are your end result, the learning curve involved and your level of access to support. Remember, website building takes time and expertise (and sometimes the ability to manage frustration!).

Of course, if you put your mind to it you can build a website, even if you haven’t built one before. What you need to be sure of is that you really want to. If the answer’s yes there are some great website templates out there to get you started. But you need to be sure they are right for your business. Will your website look professional? Will it support your unique brand identity – or will you find several other sites out there that look exactly the same?

To help you decide which way to go, DIY or Pro, we’ve put together a checklist for you to complete. It’s going to help you consider a few of factors that contribute to the development of great website. Have you got what it takes to put in the hard yards or would you rather hand this project over?

Find out by taking our DIY Website Questionnaire. If you answer yes to most of the questions below, then DIY may well for you. If not, we’d advise that you at least chat to a professional website designer to learn about your options.

The Do I /Don’t I DIY Website Questionnaire

1. Do you have a lot of spare time to put towards building your website?

2. Have you built a website before?

3. Have you investigated the different website platforms available?

4. Do you know what to look for when choosing a host?

5. Do you know how your want your website to look?

6. Do you know what functionality you require?

7. Do you know a plugin from a theme?

8. Are you aware of current SEO practices?

9. Do you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS?

10. Do you have a good eye for design?

11. Do you know how colour choices will impact your audience?

12. Do you know which elements of a webpage get the most attention?

13. Are you a good writer?

14. Do you have photoshop skills for work on images?

15. Are you technologically savvy?

16. Do you know what level of security your website will need?

17. Will you be able to build a website that can easily change as your business grows?

18. Do you know how to generate traffic to your website?

19. Do you enjoy learning new things?

20. Do you cope well with frustration?

So how did you go? If you answered yes to a lot of these questions or you relish the opportunity to learn the answers then go for it. There are some great websites out there that have been built by small business owners. And there’s a real sense achievement that comes with the end product. If this is the path for you, we’ll have more tips and ‘How to’ guides coming out on our blog in the near future. So be sure to join our network by adding your email address below.

If, on the other hand, you have doubts about doing a DIY website, then we’d advise you call a professional to chat about other options. Whichever way you go, remember that your website needs to sell your business. Like a photo taken in the best light – a website should make its subject shine!

If you’d like help putting your best foot forward feel free to be in touch. At The Web Composer, we provide all levels of service. We love working on end to end website development, but we’re also happy to provide guidance at any stage of a project.

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