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According to a 2016 survey by Orbit Media Studios, the average blog post takes 3 hours and 16 minutes to write. How long does it take you? And how would you like to reduce the time to come in under the average?

There is one simple factor that prevents many a great post from ever being written and that is TIME. Unless, like me, you’re writing blog posts about blog post, chances are this isn’t your bread and butter. So you may need to find time outside of billable hours to write. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your weekends to be blog saavy.

One make or break of a successful blog is momentum. And of course, building momentum takes time and dedication. To some degree there is an inverse relationship between the two: it’s always easier to be dedicated when dedication requires less time!!!

So one secret to a successful blog is speeding up the time it takes you to prepare posts without sacrificing quality to a rushed job.

Now what if I told you that your blog post will take whatever amount of time you allocate to it. That’s right, if you allocate a day no doubt you’ll fill the day. If you allocate 2 hours that too can be done. According to Hubspot, professional content marketerss usually write a 500-word blog posts in under 2 hours. So why not take the 2-hour challenge? You’ve got 120 minutes, starting now, to research, write and edit an award winning blog post. Can’t be done you say? Perhaps not every time, but with the right formula you definitely get close.

The formula I’m going to give you is for writing a quick and easy ‘How to’ post. A ‘How to’ post gives your readers a step by step guide that teaches them how to do something.

Step 1 – Start with Your Title

With ‘How to’ posts headlines follow a pretty simple formula. Here’s a few examples: ‘How to Lose Weight in 5 Easy Steps’, ‘How to Get Followers Fast on Facebook’, ‘How to Write Blog Posts Fast’. Make sure you give people a compelling reason to give you their time. Ensure they learn something valuable.

Step 2 – Research and Plan

Put aside 10 to 20 minutes to research your topic online. Find facts and figures that add punch to your key message and dump these onto your page to reference. Remember I’m not teaching you to plagiarise – at the moment what you’ve got is someone else’s work. Make sure you attribute any material used to the rightful owner. And be sure to brain dump some of your own general knowledge – remember you’re the expert on this topic.

Step 3 – Write Your Introduction

Now you can start writing your introduction. Keep in mind this is not the time for wordsmithing, that comes later. It is the time to write as you think and to think about selling your message fast. Your introduction should quickly tell the reader why they need to read this post. What will you teach them to do and how will this benefit them? Why should they read on? In this post I’m ultimately trying to give you more time. My message is: write great blog posts and keep your leisure time intact! What are you giving to the reader?

Step 4 – Start Teaching

Ok, so your readers are sold. They want to know what you know. They want to be able to do what you do. And now it’s time to teach them how. Step by step, break down the process. Try to keep it as simple as possible without actually dumbing it down. We’re all pretty intelligent beings, we’ve just got different areas of expertise. Make sure you provide enough information to help people but not so much that you bombard them. You can aim to explain each step with a few sentences. More complex ‘How to’ guides might need a few paragraphs.

Step 5 – Your Conclusion

Now it’s time to wrap up. But it’s not time to wind down. Your conclusion is your final opportunity to make a lasting impression. It’s also your last chance to inspire your reader to action. Do you have a product or service that may be of particular interest to people reading your post? Can they sign up for premium content? Now is the time to share what else you can do for them.

Step 6 – Edit and Perfect

Finally you can go back and edit. Make sure your article flows. Does the paragraph order make sense? Is the story unfolding naturally? Does your opening sentence make an impact or have you made other key points throughout your article that are more compelling? It’s ok to reorder the way you’ve written things. Furthermore, it’s definitely ok to edit information out if you’ve waffled. Reread your article from the users’ perspective and from a Search Engine perspective. Is your content easy to read and search engine friendly? Consider cutting down sentence and word lengths to help on both fronts. Finally check for consistency, spelling errors and grammar.

And there you have it, your article is done. You’ve grabbed the reader’s attention by giving them need-to-know information. You’ve shared your expertise and in doing so have rendered a real service. You’ve kept it simple, ensuring your readers can easily follow your step by step instructions.

But there is one thing you haven’t done! You haven’t given the reader a reason to want more! And one of the simplest things you can give them more of it their time. Give them more time by helping out.

The human brain is not limited by what it can learn, it is limited by time. We simply don’t have enough time to learn everything we’d like to know and to do everything we’d like to do.

So if your reader simply doesn’t have the time to follow your Step by Step instructions, let them know you’re there to help.

Likewise, if you don’t have time to write enough quality content to drive real momentum on your blog, we’re here to help you.

We’ve got the experience and expertise to write quality professional content across all subject areas. Taking complex information and relaying it in a digestible and engaging way is what we do best.

Contact us now to chat about your project or check out our Blog Post Packages.

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