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Did you know that Zoom Video Conferencing can be integrated with your WordPress website to create bookable products selling your time?

Change has hit us all and it’s hit us fast. We’re counting the number  of infected on a daily basis, but there isn’t a world-wide metre for how many people have lost their livelihoods.

We trust the actions taken to flatten the COVID-19 curve will save lives, but know it comes at a cost and the consequences on our collective financial health have been devastating. We need to adapt and adapt fast to make sure we can ride out this trying time.

Helping us do that are an array of online video conferencing tools. Software such as Zoom Cloud Meetings is giving us all a way to reconnect and hold on to our sanity as we isolate in lieu of a Covid-19 cure or vaccine.

The great news is that video conferencing is available to all of us and it is pretty user friendly. What’s more, with a little bit of help from The Web Composer, you can use Zoom to sell your time. Imagine a yoga instructor selling entry to their live yoga class in the same way an online store would sell a product. Or imagine a corporate trainer selling blocks of their time or access to webinars via an online store. A naturopath can maintain their appointments online and take payment before sessions reducing admin time and even allowing clients to choose the time that suits them.

At The Web Composer we’ve integrated our site with Zoom in two ways. We can now schedule Zoom meetings and charge a fee to give people access to attend. This is ideal for webinars. Clients can pay online via our secure payment gateway and once payment is made they are automatically sent the meeting login and password details to access the session. Because we also like to give our clients the ability to schedule training sessions we’ve also integrated Zoom with our booking system. Now clients can jump on our website, access our diary and book a Zoom meeting with us at a time that suits them. Once they pay, the meeting is automatically generated – no work for us to do until the time comes.

We’re offering heavily discounted packages during this difficult times to help more business set up their websites with Zoom integration. We know we have to flatten the Coronavirus curve, let’s flatten the business fallout curve too. We can adapt if we work together!

Let’s Zoom through Covid-19 isolation and move more aspects of our economy online. Check out The Web Composers Online Store packages to help your business stay afloat during this time. We’re also offering Zoom training sessions to help you make the most of this software fast.

Contact us now to chat about your business or check out our Small Business Rescue Packages.

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